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Whether you’re looking to sun yourself along the shores of the Mediterranean, take in the excitement of big city nightlife, or take some quiet time for yourself in the northern mountains, an Italian holiday escape promises to never disappoint!

Italy Travel Info, Cheap Flights & Holiday Packages

Kick up your heels and celebrate la dolce vita! Take a trip to Italy with Direct Flights! 
Although relatively small in comparison to other great European countries   such as France and Germany, Italy is just as rich in history and culture. It is in this little boot-shaped   nation that you can find famous cities such as Rome, Florence, Venice,   and Milan
Rome has always been a great city. Visit the Colosseo, the heart of the ancient Roman Empire, and imagine how it would have felt to live in one of the greatest empires in the world whilst walking through the ancient Roman Forums and the great Colosseum. Make a pilgrimage to the Vatican City, one of the largest religious centres of the world, and visit some of the awe-inspiring cathedrals of the Roman Catholic Church. 
Situated in the Tuscany region of Italy, Florence is famous for its Renaissance heritage. With its rolling hills and stunning mountains, it is no wonder great artists such as Leonardo da Vinci found much inspiration in their hometown of Florence. Enjoy the picturesque view of the city while sipping world-class Italian coffee in one of the cafes established within its city squares. 
A trip to Italy would be amiss without cruising down the canals of Venice in a gondola. Take a boat or a train down to this popular Italian city and prepare to walk everywhere! A charming pedestrian city, Venice offers many sights, from gothic churches and cathedrals to a varied selection of museums. To avoid high hotel rates, plan your trip to   Venice accordingly and book affordable accommodation with Direct Flights. It is highly recommended to book accommodation just outside of   Venice to get the best and most affordable hotel rates. 
Milan is fast becoming one of the largest fashion capitals in Europe, rivalling London and Paris. As with the other Italian cities, Milan has its fair share of museums and churches, but shopping is the specialty of this Italian city. Follow the fashion quadrangle and get your fill of high-quality Italian goods and international designer boutiques. Book a discount travel package to Italy with Direct Flights now and make sure to visit this fashion paradise! 
Planning a trip to Italy is a breeze with Direct Flights. Affordable airfare to Italy from Australia can be booked online day or night with Direct Flights. To create a cheap travel package to Italy, simply choose a combination of hotel and/or car hire along with your flight booking. Direct Flights ensures you get the Italian holiday you want at a price you can afford.

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